Innovation Platform  NOUVELLES VAGUES is based in Boulogne-sur-Mer. It seeks to provide the pooled research and innovation resources for the fishing industry.

Innovation Platform NOUVELLES VAGUES aims include the following:

  • Enhancing the quality of water products and by-products
  • Fostering the development of sustainable aquaculture

NOUVELLES VAGUES is a unique organization in Europe made up of two departments:

  1. A department dedicated to technological development and quality control of seafood
  2. A department dedicated to the development of aquaculture knowledge and understanding.

Their services and achievements are :

  • Finalization and products developments
  • Procedures and optimization
  • Manufacture of preproduction runs for market testing
  • Industrial transferring
  • Processing of aquatic by-products
  • Technical support for the business creation (food and aquaculture industries)
  • Technical and economic studies
  • Literature reviews
  • Themed projects: nutrition, safety, environment, energy, variety of species in aquaculture…

PFI NOUVELLES VAGUES has a laboratory specialized in the seafood quality control and analyses (microbiological analyses, physic-chemical analyses, Metrological checks, Organoleptic examinations and grading, industries Hygiene….)

PFI NOUVELLES VAGUES takes part in many applied research projects for the benefit of professionals in the seafood industry.

PFI Nouvelles Vagues provides also tailor made training courses on

  • Finalisation of new products
  • Food Hygiene and safety
  • Analyses methods
  • Food processing technologies (smoking, pickling, sterilisation, pasteurisation….)
  • Aquaculture farming techniques.


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