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  • Animation, promotion et communication dédiées à la filière produits de la mer de Boulogne-sur-Mer avec et pour les professionnels.

  • AQUIMER, the competitiveness cluster for aquatic products > Its aim  is to provide an active interface between companies’projects and their implementation. > Its goal  is to increase the competitiveness of companies while at the same time meeting their requirements, helping them develop and sustain their activities through R&D and technological improvements.

  • CAPECURE 2020 is the pilot of the workshops which brings all the actors together in order to make the area evolve and set new goals and launch actions for the future.

    It was created under the impulse of the President Initiative of the Regional Council and its governance  has been carried out by the President of the local Authorities (Communauté d’Agglomération du Boulonnais) who works with the stakeholders of seafood sector.


  • An international center of excellence about the maritime and coastal environment of the English Channel – North Sea Area